What is Biochar?


Biochar is a porous coal-like substance made from plant-or-animal-based material. The porous nature of biochar gives it properties suitable for many practical applications. Some applications include; a micro-organisms-friendly material, water retention, fertilizer retention, oil absorption, and many others in use now and coming down the road. Because of it’s similarity to coal, it can be used in place of coal with no-new-carbon added to the carbon cycle. Biochar, then, is a carbon neutral fossil fuel.

Pyrolysis is the process of making biochar. Our gasifier is a biochar oven—providing a nearly oxygen-free chamber for baking. The products of pyrolysis include; biochar, and producer gas.

Biochar, gasifiers, and pyrolysis have been around for centuries. In fact, you can look up home-made gasifiers on YouTube. We designed, developed, and patented a brand new way of pyrolysis. This method creates a high-quality consistent product. We believe we can help solve some of the world’s agricultural, aquatic, and environmental problems with our biochar. For further reading please visit the International Biochar Institutes webpage.