Our Story


Mission Statement

Discover new forms of biochar and methods of biochar production, and use biochar and biochar production to help solve some of the world’s agricultural, aquatic and environmental problems.

The bounties of gasification

Biochar is a plant or animal based material baked without oxygen in a gasifier. We think biochar and biochar production is pretty cool. Biochar’s possible uses number in the dozens. Biochar’s many applications hold the potential to help solve the world’s current agricultural, aquatic, and environmental problems. Our business (Char Energy) focuses on only a handful of the great things pyrolysis (The process of making biochar) and biochar can do for our world.

We’ve patented a new gasifier (the machine that makes biochar). This innovation provides a higher-quality, consistent biochar. On top of that, this gasifier is mobile. Rather than shipping the refuse to the gasifier, we can bring the gasifier to the refuse. Feedstock (the raw plant-based or animal-based material) can be anything organic—from nut shells to manure. We, and our research partners, are finding some pretty interesting stuff when we use different feed stocks.

Char Energy Goals

  • Save Farmers Money while Increasing soil quality and crop yields.
  • Give oil producers a high-quality inexpensive way cleanup during oil production.
  • Help Farms and Natural Ecosystems coexist side-by-side with biochar barriers.
  • Reduce algae blooms in lakes, rivers, and streams through excess-nutrient removal.
  • Develop biochar enriched microbial colonies to enhance plant specific growth.
  • Reduce global warming through carbon neutral fossil fuels and carbon sequestration.
  • Enter the global carbon market—sometimes called “Carbon Taxes”.
  • Advance biochar knowledge by providing researcher with consistent quality biochar.